Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentines...

Hi guys...I have finally found time for to update my blog...I'm been a bit busy this week..Aunties funeral on Monday...then I had to get Mum to her hospital appointment yesterday for her new hearing aid..

She 'lost' it last September and have had to wait this long for the appointment..mind you it didn't help that the nursing staff didn't bother to make another appointment when they cancelled the first one as the home was closed with a 'bug'!!! We had a meeting with  'Head Office' a couple of weeks ago after I made an official complaint regarding this and lots of other issues I had, one being totally ignored by the unit manager when I was trying to get her to make mums bed properly.  She has since been sacked..thank god. I found out yesterday that we were not the only family who had issues with her. Its been ongoing for a while but finally we are seeing some now its a case of waiting to see if they keep their promises...'s a sweet little Tilda for Valentine's Day..

Its the nearest thing I'll get to a Valentines card...I wont be taken out for a romantic meal..I wont be getting a dozen Roses :-( apparently is a complete waste of money...which sounds like a total cop out to me.
Whatever you're doing have a lovely time.


  1. This is so darn your exquisitely colored Tilda and the design and details are just stunning.

  2. Fabulous card, love the colours and the image.