Sunday 13 January 2019

Well Hi...its been a while hasn't it since my last post..lots of things have changed for the good and for the bad.

I haven't been crafting for a while, only because I wasn't feeling the love for it...I still crochet from time to time but no card making.  I have packed up all my stamps, dies and cardstock ..gave some away...but kept my favorites that I couldnt bear to part with, but I really must get a grip and sort it all again and perhaps sell a few cottage needs to be decluttered!!!

The bad or I should say the sad news is that we lost Ollie last year.  We were devastated to find out that he had Diabetes and Cushings Disease.  He went down hill very quickly just as we were trying to sort out the medication and it was kinder to say goodbye.  So sad. We missed our little man so much, there was a very large Ollie shaped hole in our lives,  but in September it was filled with this little bundle

He is much bigger now of course

Meet Bumble

He is such a delight and although we will never forget Ollie, ever, he has filled the hole perfectly...well when I say perfectly I have to say I had forgot how hard it was to have a we are getting there.

So the other good news is that I've had an idea buzzing around since before Christmas and this week I managed to get into my craft room and got my sewing machine out.  While making I realised that its been nearly 19 years since I made something like this and I had a little stall at a craft museum at the weekends when I lived in Kent and they sold very well.  Going back to my first love, other than cards, here are my Bunnies...

you can find all details in my Etsy Shop if you click on the little crochet mouse on my side bar.

Well its been fun to catch up and I hope to be back blogging soon