Monday, 11 February 2013

For Auntie...

Today is a sad day for us here...its my Aunties Funeral.  My Mums sister died 24th January she was 91.  She has been in the same nursing home as my Mum.  She has been suffering from Parkinson's for a while now but she caught a chest infection and sadly didn't recover. 
As my Mum has Alzheimer's we haven't told her about Auntie as we don't want to add to her confusion.  They were in different units at the home but they often had lunch with each other and attended any activities together. We have asked the home to make an excuse to Mum should she ask to see her and think in time Mum will forget that Auntie was there with her.  Its a tricky one, we will just have to deal with it when the time comes.
Here is a little card that I have made to go with our flowers today.

Auntie was a kind uncomplicated lady.  She doted on her only daughter, my cousin Tricia and adored her two grandsons.  Unfortunately she wasn't well enough to get to know her great granddaughter Lucy.  I will always remember her for her lovely cakes she made when we were little especially her mince pies and scones.  She taught me to crochet...something I still do to this day.  She loved to crochet and made many beautiful lacy doily's and table cloths
In the past few months her quality of life was poor and we are relieved that she didn't suffer too long and now she has been reunited with her beloved husband Frank.
Rest in peace Auntie Louisa Emily Patricia
We will miss you so.


  1. So sorry for your loss jan. thinking of you and your family on this sad day. Big hugs Kelly

  2. I am sorry for your loss! Your card is a amazingly beautiful!!! Hugs!!!