Saturday, 5 May 2012

Having a moan... Edited

I have been swapping emails with Craftsulove since Tuesday..First they said they would send out replacements...then they backtracked and asked for photos of the damaged sheets...I sent photos and a list of colours damaged...then they said must have been done in the post..(it wasnt as the parcel was not damaged) then they said they wouldnt replace them until I returned them and referred me to their terms and conditions.  I refused this as why should I have the bother of packaging them up and going to queue up at the Post Office when they shouldnt have been sent out in that condidtion in the first place and asked them to replace them as a gesture of goodwill....they again have requested their return before they will replace them...stalemate!!!!! So much for Customer Service...I will never ever buy from them again.

I know there are some of you that will think I'm being silly but I have to get this off my chest. 

On Wednesday I ordered some (32sheets) bazzill cardstock from Craftsulove. I don't always get it from them I usually go to a shop in Upminster as they stock all the shades but it is a bit of a trek  so I checked out Cardsulove and The Glitter Pot.  I get all my 'Maggies' from The Glitter Pot as they are reasonably priced and the delivery is super quick but they didn't have all the colours I wanted so as I said I checked out CraftsUlove and placed the order.

It arrived today.  I received 31 sheets (no note of one being out of stock) and 16 sheets were creased and 1, a very light pink, was creased and had dirty fingermarks around the edges.  The damage wasn't done in the post as the parcel was fine... its been done in the shop, man handled by the customers probably. Now I would have thought that they would 'quality check' the card before they sent it as surely they would want their mail order customers to be happy and come back for more. I have emailed them but I doubt that I will get anywhere.  I'll just have to use the bits around the creases. So annoying.



  1. That's not good enough. i think I'd send it back if I were you and demand a refund.
    Anne x

  2. I use Crafts U Love a lot and have to say I've never had a problem like this - I'm sure it's just one of those unfortunate things. Don't cut the card - I'm sure you'll hear from them after the Bank Holiday. Tracey

  3. It is a pain though Jan esp when you have to wait for it. I should imagine on line orders accounts for a great deal of business. Hope they e mail you back. Thanks also for your comment the other day re my e mail yes it got hacked but is all sorted now hugs rebekah xx

  4. Jan, you are within your rights to refuse to accept these papers and return them for a full refund including your postage. THis is under the Distance Selling Act so you must not simply accept your fate and use them. I have found the customer service at Craftsulove to be sadly lacking and they are very poor at not keeping the customer updated with info. I have bought stuff in the past and it has gone through the checkout only to find when received that some items were out of stock (but not out of stock on the website) and I have had to chase them up. Not good enough - I stopped buying from them after this and now I buy my Bazzill from either Charmed Cards and Crafts or I get Coredinations from Create and Craft (sale on at the minute and they have some packs of textured cardstock selling at half price)

  5. I don't blame you for being annoyed Jan. I haven't used CraftsULove and would definitely avoid them now. I live in Upminster and assume you mean Emma's lovely shop, Imagination. I know its a stupid question but would she not post an order out to you? Lx