Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hi Guy's...just had to share this with you...I bought a plant for the garden last week and I wanted to pot it on...we have loads of old pots behind our shed so I stood there making up my mind which one to use..the one I wanted was under a broken terracotta one so I lifted that one up and a bird flew out much to my surprise...and I stooding there a little shocked..then with the broken pot still in my hand I looked down and there was a nest with 5 little blue eggs...oh I thought quick put the pot back or they wont came back to keep them warm..I hurried away muttering sorry little birdie..and hoped that I didnt upset them. 

We have a little round window in our lounge..its quite high up but gives a perfect view to the back of the I got the steps out and I have been bird watching everyday since in the hope I would see who laid these tiny eggs...and its one of these....

Today I have been keeping an eye and they are now popping into the pot with grubs and things so I think the tiny little eggs must have hatched and we have babies....awwwwww....
Robins are well known to make their nests in really odd places and after some googling.. flower pots seem to be one of them and in a very odd way I feel very privilaged that they chose one of is I cant pot on my plant just yet....never mind its worth the wait...


  1. Wow Jan what a fabulous post. I just love this story.
    How fab that the Robin had chosen your plantpot to nest in, how lovely. I have loads af birds call at my garden and we have two Robins (not that they get on!) but I would love it if they decided to nest in my garden.
    Take care. Debbiexx

  2. how lovely. many they catch many miges and eat many worms.EE