Saturday 13 February 2016

....Away with the Fairies.....

Hi Guys....I cant believe its been soon long since my last post...6 months!!!....I haven't been card making for a while...I had a craft fair to do just before Christmas and made loads for that and I think I burnt myself out!  Mr Mojo hasn't been around and to be honest its been a relief.  It gave me time to re think what I get out of crafting.    I have decided I'm not going to do an more craft fairs, most now regulate how many card stalls there are and the Christmas one I managed to get into was so near Christmas it wasn't really worth my time and efforts and I was left with loads of cards and now I have to store them.
The other thing is that I'm a bit bored with it all,  I've been checking out all the new stuff coming on the market...and to be honest (again) there really isn't anything that has taken my eye to get me creating.  They all seem a bit samey..I mean how many different cute elephant/sheep/kittens/puppy stamps do you need???!!!. 
So I have taken a step back from it all.  I went through all my stamps...some I haven't even used...and sold about 75% of them on ebay.  I've been having a cull in my craft room, gave loads of scraps (yes the ones you keep cos you will used it again...not!) away to my neighbours little niece. gave bags of yarn to the charity shops.  I have loads of cardstock left and paper pads...but that's more tricky to sell on ebay due to the postal costs so I hanging on to them for the minute
So after all this I hopped around Pinterest to see what would 'float my boat'.  Art journals caught my eye, (not sure about the writing bit) and mixed takes me back to my arty painty days at school and if I'm honest (yet again!) is really my first love...I've been watching numerous you tube videos and trying to find some mixed media blogs.  I invested some of my eBay pennies in paints, stencils more distress inks etc., bought a Journal which I'm too scared to paint in plain pages are so I'm just using tags at the moment as I feel if I don't like it then I haven't ruined a whole book!!! 
Unfortunately there isn't any craft work shops around fact there isn't any decent craft shops anywhere here either ( oh I do miss my little trips to The Craft Barn in Surrey) so anything I need has to be bought online.  I've been stalking the Paperartsy blog and invested in some of their stamps my all time fav is JOFY which I have coveted for a while now.
So here is my mixed media offering....please be gentle with
Lots of distress inks and Lavinia stamps, a smidge of embossing paste too.
(sorry about the pic quality..the light here is very dull)
I have made a few more but I wont bore you anymore'll post them throughtout the week.
Have a great weekend...I'm off to try and get the inks off me hands!!!


  1. Your mixed media tag is perfect Jan..I love those stamps and saw them used on u tube for a mixed media canvas..I love your colours and textures and you are definitely ready for a bigger space..don't doubt yourself, just go for it..gorgeous work.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Good to see you back Jan. Love your mixed media tag.

  3. Such an enchanting tag design. So pretty, love the colour combo and the texture accents. Gorgeous. Hugs, Wends x

  4. Wow, just hopped over to your blog from the Craft Stamper blog - you are amazing, have worked my way back through your posts to read this post, seems so sad that you 'lost your mojo' when you are so obviously talented, I've loved everything I've seen so far. I think you will love art journalling, just think of it as a book to contain all your tags, each of your exquisite tags seem to tell a story, you don't even have to write anything on them. I live only 20 minutes from where the Craft Barn was, sadly it has closed down now and runs as an online shop - I too used to love spending time there. Think I will have to try and follow your blog for some art candy to aspire to!