Thursday, 12 August 2010


......yes I'm growling...been having broadband connection problems..been off and on all week!!!... I started a new temp job on Monday too and its a very early start so I have been quite tired.and no card making... also I decided to have a massive 'cull' on unwanted, unused and just plain dont like anymore stash!!!!'ve lucky enough to sell most of it on I'm having a little break..and then when I can keep awake long enough I'm going to have a binge of buying new yummy stash...
I'll be back soon..prob after the have fun..
bye for now..


  1. I've been thinking the same, of culling and rotating some stock around lol...

    Know what you mean about broadband connection, its really bad down here!

    cant wait to see your next cards,and any goodies you may buy!

  2. We're missing you Jan! Hugs, Sxx

  3. Jan i've left an award for you on my blog :o) Hope to see you back soon xx