Saturday 14 May 2016

I Have News....

Hi Guys...I am finally back on my blog...its been a nightmare...I opened an email from my Etsy shop and in hopped a huge virus into my laptop!...I couldn't do a off it went to PC world to be totally cleaned down back to factory settings!..I lost a lot of pics although I did managed to back up some documents and PC World did some for me too, had to remember passwords and change them, but having to start all over again is a nightmare.
But while all this was going on...guess what?..I only went and won the CRAFT STAMPER challenge that I entered!!!!!!!!!!.......I get a two page spread in the magazine and a mention on their blog!!!!
Its all down to this unassuming tag

I am totally blown away! and now I'm back on my blog I can proudly display this:

Have a great weekend


  1. So so sorry to hear of your computer problems - yucky duck! Hate it, why do people find joy in tearing things apart?!?! Anyway, a big huge congratulations on your win - what a win indeed! This tag is so utterly beautiful, soft and delicate and filled with dimension in the layers of ink. A true beauty! Congrats on your win!!!

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