Saturday, 28 February 2015



Hi Guy's...I not sure that when the ladies over at Less is More had in mind when they choose the theme of 'What Makes You Happy' certainly got me thinking this morning as I sat in my craft room..

Well I guess the family and friends stuff is on top of the them all dearly...Not forgetting darling OllieDog and LilyPuss :-)... wouldn't be without them.  My little cottage, very happy that I moved here and count my blessings everyday...

And crafting of course.  I just couldn't function if I didn't do (craft) something. I try and 'craft' everyday. I have always been what the family would call 'arty'.  I can remember when I was little, always drawing, painting and making things out of nothing much.  I have a very strong memory of one Easter, getting an Easter egg that had a bird on the box...don't think it was a chick...but I decided to cut out the bird and make a cage for it from the rest of the box and feeling quite accomplished...much better than just eating the chocolate..well almost.  And of course there was Blue Peter..I was always trying to make whatever Valerie Singleton and her predecessors came up

My Aunt taught me Crochet when I was little..but at the time it was a bit old fashioned my twenties there was knitting...oh my word...I always had something on the work at the time nearly everyone in my office 'had' one of my mohair I also made a nice chunky jumper for a chap who wanted a 'gardening a cricket jumper which turned out a bit big but he loved it!!.  I am currently teaching myself  to knit socks!!  I'll have to show you when I finish.

So I would think its safe to say that crafting is 'what makes me happy'.

Here's my card for the challenge...

Now the question is 'is it CAS enough for the challenge?' All I know is that I was very happy with it when I finished
Happy Crafting


  1. Jan this is super and has plenty of CAS appeal for me. It's a theme with a lot of scope, isn't it!
    Thank you for joining us at Less is More

  2. Fabulous card Jan, like this one alot.
    Lynne xxx

  3. Fabulous and elegant Jan
    Thanks so much for sharing and taking part.
    Sarah xx
    Less is More

  4. Love the clean elegance of this one :)

  5. Multi layered but still has that CAS feel Jan! It's just lovely!
    I enjoyed reading your post!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  6. Your card is gorgeous Jan ! You are such an inspiration... Thank you for sharing your memories... Can't wait to see the socks !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  7. Beautiful, Jan! Love the layered design and I would definitely say that it is more CAS than not. Hugs, Tracey x

  8. So classy Jan, I love it ;) Viv x

  9. Lovely CAS card and interesting post to go with it.