Wednesday, 16 July 2014

LOST: Mojo

...if found please return to.....Yes the old mojo has up'd and went...its been a while now that's why I haven't posted for a long time.  Thought I'd have a break from blogland  then I had the request from Paperartsy and I dug really deep for that but I have to say I loved making that card...but even that didn't get it going again. 
There's a lot going here at the moment...I am moving house. I'm not just moving around the corner I'm off to North Yorkshire!  Its a bit of a life changing move as I'm moving away from my family but as I keep saying to them I'm not going to Australia..I'll only be 4-5 hours away!! I have found a sweet little Grade II listed Cottage in a village just off the moors. 
As some of you know I had looked after my Mum for a while before she went into the nursing home and since she died last year apart from dealing with the probate and all the other stuff that goes with that I have been meandering along...Mum had left me the house  in her will and to me it will always be her house so I thought I should now move on. I did look around Surrey near my sister but I couldn't really afford the prices and I didn't want to live in a flat (would be a bit tricky with Ollie and Bailey and not forgetting Lily) so I looked further a field.  I'm really looking forward to it!
but what I'm not looking forward to is the packing up..especially my craft room!! Luckily I will have a spare room in the cottage for a craft room but I have so much just don't realise just how much until you start!!
So its going to be a bit quiet on here for a few weeks but I'll be back hopefully full of inspiration from my new home.
Before I go let me share a pic of my darling Bailey he has grown so much...still a little tinker but oh so loveable...
See you soon
Happy Crafting


  1. What a great time you will have in your new home. Lots of crafty places to go in that neck of the woods :) Good luck with the packing....know how tiring that can be just do a little each day....:)
    Take care
    xoxo Sioux

  2. It's so lovely to hear from you Jan ! Moving into a new home is so exciting - even though the packing isn't fun - I know what it is like to loose your mojo... It's back a bit now but sometimes I just don't feel like crafting... Little Bailey is gorgeous ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine