Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Hi guys..I hope this finds you all well and warm!...I am just about feeling more myself again...I went into overdrive leading up to the Christmas fair as I wasn't feeling 100% after my holiday...the fair was quite rewarding so I was pleased with that... but boy was it cold!!..Standing around in the cold didn't do me much good and I spent the next few days recovering from that..!!! are some pics of the stall..

and more cards...
my niece made some sweet children's book bags
and my sister made some of her bracelets
All in all it was a good day and I will definitely do it again next year...I'll just wear 3 layers of clothes and strap a hot water bottle to
Ollie made a new friend while I stayed at my nieces daughter was a little poorly with an ear infection and was having a little snooze....Ollie kept an eye on her....
After all that we had problems with Mum at the nursing home last week...well Mum is fine as she can be... but unfortunately another resident isn't so...his behaviour is somewhat challenging at the moment (poor man) and that is causing disruption for the other residents including Mum...we have arranged for her to move to another room to be 'away' from it a bit...(the poor mans medication is being reviewed but it hasn't been a success yet) but there are lots of Christmas stuff going on at the home..lots of Carols and little 'shows' and we are going to their Christmas Party on Saturday at least she is occupied with other things.
Well now all I have to do is get ready for Christmas...I haven't even written my cards yet!!!..I do have a few pressies but they need to be wrapped and I still have a few more to get!!!  Heyho!!!
I'll be back later in the week with some DT creations...
Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. glad to hear you had a good time, let's just hope you don't catch a cold for christmas now