Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Oh dear.....

...I think I have found yet another crafty have always been drawn to all things tiny..years ago it was Doll Houses... I love the tiny little replicas of furniture etc., I have also collected those little Lilliput Cottages..(they have since taken part in car boot ..I have been toying with having ago at Dry Needle Felting..but I haven't found anything that caught my imagination...there are the usual flowers or beads or even bags to make... so I haven't really pursued it further until today....I bought the excessively expensive 'Mollie Makes' Magazine and there they were...teeny tiny 'Doglets' to make in Needle a quick dash off to my local Hobbycraft store to buy the equipment...their range of felting wool is somewhat limited but they had enough to get me started...and here is my first attempt....

I'm quite pleased how this little guy turned out...(although he should have beads for his eyes but I didnt have any small enough) he is just under 3" cute...and so easy to get the hang of once I got now I'm off to source some proper wool and make his litter mates...oh


  1. Aww Jan this is so cute no wonder it is a new obsession! Hope you are well chick hugs rebekah xx

  2. Oh Jan this is ADORABLE ! You are so talented ! It's the sort of cute little animals I would love to make but I don't think I would be able to ! Can't wait to see more !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. This is very cute, it's good to see you enjoying creative things again
    Hugs julie P

  4. wow that is great, my attempt was a slug with spots on.EE