Tuesday, 27 March 2012

It's been a while ..but still no card....

Hi Guys...I'm afraid to say that I still have no mojo...I've put it down to family stuff...but I have been sitting at my desk hoping for inspiration...even some new sweet Tilda stamps haven't tempted me...but I keep buying them as I know one day I'll be back...having said that..today I might have had a breakthrough...I have lots of crafty ideas in my head and have been trawling through some amazing blogs...not really related to card making...then I just wanted to do something different....and this is what I came up with.

Its a collage..I used a BG pad and some dies and punches...I was thinking of a fields of flowers...but when I finished I thought they looked more like sea anemones...anyway...I'm quite pleased with it and I going to frame it. At least its a step in the right direction to get crafty again...

Bye for now


  1. Hi Jan...yeah sometimes it feels awkward to get back to crafty mood after a while not having created something. It happens to me when I'm stressed and not able to craft some days. So it must be even worse when "some days" actually are "some weeks".
    Nevertheless I love your special creation, It looks so clean and simple and yet so meaningful! Very nice indeed.
    Hope you will soon find some peace and the mojo will come back immediately, you'll see!
    Have a lovely evening
    xxx, Alessandra

  2. It's hard to find me time to create when you are caring for someone....do try to take the time though as this looks super.....and look after yourself ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  3. For someone's whose mojo is having a little break, this is just gorgeously creative. Don't worry, I am sure we all know that feeling ... ha ha ha

  4. This is such a beautiful creation Jan ! Don't worry we all go through days - weeks - where we just don't feel like crafting, the mojo seems to have gone on vacation ! But it never lasts and this creation shows that yours is definetely back !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  5. This is lovely Jan, sometimes we just need to be able to create for the fun of it. Great job, Take care of yourself
    Hugs Julie P

  6. Jan, this is so different from your cards. It will look lovely in your sun lounge. Maybe this is the thing you need - try something new and maybe your mojo will come back. In any event, enjoy whatever you do.
    Lots of love