Monday, 16 November 2009

Just to share....

Hi again all...I have a few cards to share today. I now have time on my hands..on Friday...after a lot of thought I gave up my job...its a silly thing to do just before Christmas and the recession etc.,..but I just wasn't happy there... the job description was not the job I was doing... my experience and abilities were being questioned and compromised to the extent that I was dreading going to work and lost sleep worrying about it the end ..enough was enough and I left. Now I might have extra time on my hands to craft..yay!!!!..but no extra dosh for!! but I cant have it all ways...back to the cards..

I just love these DP's they are by Kaisercraft...I think the colours are just great for Christmas and wish I bought more.:-( I also cut a tree from Bazzil bling as Tilda needed company and I couldn't think of anything else!!! lol...

I just love the new Christmas Magnolia Stamps...I managed to get this one and wanted a couple more but most shops are sold out and are waiting for the next batch at the end of November which doesn't give me a lot of time to make cards...I used Basic Grey DP's for this one and I cheated with some gorgeous die cut flowers from just don't get enough of them in the pack!!! lol...I'll have to invest in a pointy flower punch..Oh opps I more dosh for for the Christmas wish list me thinks....
last one...

I just had to use this cute little PB hedgey again..I sure he has a name but I don't know what it is.. I just love him as he is a joy to colour and looks nice and snug in his scarf...the DP's are MME Colourful Christmas. I keep thinking he looks a bit plain...but as they say..less is more...I'll have to remember that when I run out of cash!!! lol...but on the bright side..I do have an interview tomorrow so as one door shuts..lets hope the next one doesn't slam in my face!!! lol...


  1. OMG!! these are just so gorgeous.

  2. Those are so cute! I just love em!

    The Colouring is spectacular!

  3. OH Jan these are all just beautiful.. Sorry about your job.. But its aweful going to a job you hate..I loved the job I had, but I lost it about a yr. ago..And I must say I LOVE being home now. Just think of all the crafting you can do now..Cant wait to see it all..
    Hugs, Linda

  4. These cards are all fantastic Jan. I agree with Linda, just think of all the time you can sit and create now. xo Jackie

  5. Can I say you are well out of it (your job) there is no excuse for being treated like that we have to spend a lot of time at work it needs to be as enjoyable as possible!!! Good luck with your interview.

  6. Hi Jan - these are absolutely gorgeous and I don't blame you one bit for giving up your job if you are unhappy. Am sure something will turn up that is miles better. Good luck with the interview too. In the meantime you will be able to use up all your lovely stash lol.

    Love Lynda xxx