Saturday, 7 April 2012


Hi Guys...just thought I would update you all as I haven't been around much recently...Mum is now in a nursing was a very difficult decision...I feel that I have betrayed her and it's taking a while for me to get my head around it. All the family tell me that I have done the right thing as it was getting a real struggle for me to cope with her..I tried with daily carers but it was the nights that was bad...she was getting up at odd times and I was getting really tired... I couldn't leave her at all..even to go shopping...I had some help with that but then had to go on a awaiting list for a permanent arrangement (that was in January)and do you know I'm still waiting to hear from them...Ha!! Well its not a problem now..she is as well as she can be...but I still get upset when I see her...they say that the illness is just as hard for the family...well you can say that again!! the guilt is immense... I feel that maybe I should have tried harder to keep her at home...but I have to be realistic...I couldn't give her the care she was starting to need...

anyway...I have been trying to keep busy and made a few changes at home..I've been decorating and made a start on the sun lounge..or the garden room which I now call!!! was due a makeover so I painted everything in the old pine dresser that was out's a peak...

I'm very pleased how it turned out...its strange as years a go I wouldn't hesitate to get the paint brush out and get cracking..but this took me a few weeks to find the courage to do it...I wanted it to look completely different but couldn't afford to buy new stuff...I cant get all the room in the pic but I chose Lime to be the main colour and the turquoise just crept I did buy new throws (Lime)for the chairs I painted the walls in Apple White and I was thinking of white for the dresser but in the end I used Apple White Satinwood instead and I think it looks's a peak of the bits on the dresser...

the pretty lacey top planter was from Ikea..really wished I bought a few more...and the gorgeous candle...yes the little pot is a candle..was a birthday present from my cousin a couple of weeks ago...on the other side... a tiny collection of pretty glass... the Thistle Candle sticks was another pressie from my bestest friend Lynne...I admired them in a shop while we were out for lunch a couple of weeks ago and when she came to visit this week she gave them to me...I

Here's a picture that I made using some Cheery Lynne Butterfly dies ..a bit of lime cardstock and a box from from Ikea...

and while I haven't been feeling up to making cards...I've been crocheting...I used to knit and crochet years ago...and always loved seeing shelves filled with glorious colourful yarn in the wool shops... there doesn't seen to be those kind of shops around now...but I think there is a quiet knitting revival going on lol...anyway I find crochet very calming at the moment...something I can just sit and do...I made this for 'the garden room'

and here are a few other things I've made too...

A Cupcake...

A Sweet Little Mouse...

A Ring of Daisy's

and a Ring of Roses....

I have put these and few other cupcakes on my Esty Shop should any of you be interested.

Sorry there are no cards to share at the moment...but I'm sure it wont be too long before I find my cardmaking mojo
Have a fab weekend...I'm moving furniture about..I'm hoping to swap the dining room to the lounge as it has a patio door to the garden and it has the sun in there all day...its a shame not to enjoy it..its an idea I've had for a while and as change would have upset Mum...I can now try it out...
Have fun!


  1. Dearest Jan....been there done it with my mum!...It's a very tough call...but needs must. Try not to feel guilty, it's a very debilitating thought....always remember you did your best at all times :)
    You have made some fabby things ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. I'm sorry to hear about yur mum but I'm sure that you have done the right thing....
    That dresser looks amazing, well done you and I am in awe at your crochet talents, I would love to be able to do that, the are beautiful......

  3. You shouldn't feel guilty hun, trying to handle things yourself would just end up breaking you, and to what end?
    You didn't put her out in the forest, you took her to a nursing home, and I bet she's doing just fine.

  4. Stop feeling guilty, now you can go and visit your Mum and enjoy the time with her instead of feeling stressed and tired with all her care.
    My sister and I are going to meet my Mums Doctors on Tuesday and I've a feeling we are going to have to make the same decision about my Mum but know it is the right one.

  5. well no matter what we all are going to say: you do feel guilty, even if you don't have to be! It's a difficult time for you at the moment. It's very hard to make such decisions and to see your Mummy this way. It's the Circle of Life that we all grow older and then very old and for some it is hard to see how our dearest become ill. It's something that we have to bear and it is so hard. We want to help and kow that we can't sometimes or that what's the best for others is not the best for us or for our conscience.
    You are a good daughter and your Mum knows it. I'm pretty sure that she knows that by heart and you will one feel better day by day.
    My Mum always tells me that she doesn't want us three children to nurse her and my Daddy when the times come. She wants us to bring her to a nursery home. That is very meaningful of her, although we all would help them and would love to help them. But she works in a nursery home and she knows how difficult and hard it is for the families.

    Onto your lovely room, wow it looks so beautiful, really comfy and it has a welcoming feeling! Very very beautiful.

    Hugs, Alessandra

  6. hi jan you know ive already said i think you did the right thing it will get easier im so glad to see you have been busy with making things and wow wow wow i love your dresser and with the lime and turquoise it looks like something out of a posh magazine !! just stunning !! all your crochet goodies are beautiful too love the flower rings
    hugs sara x x x

  7. Hi Jan, bless your heart I feel so sorry for you right now. What a hard decision to make, but I'm sure it was the right one, even though you don't feel that right now. Your Mum would understand how hard it was for you. You can now give your Mum all of you when you visit instead of being worn out all of the time. Your dresser looks absolutely gorgeous and all of the little trinkets on it. I have been thinking about crocheting for some time and seeing your delightful makes have made me want to start all the more. Take care and enjoy the easter weekend xxx

  8. Wow Jan big hugs to you. I'm so glad to see you back here again, it must have been such a hard decision for you about your mum but it is best for her now she is having the full time care. I know you must feel so guilty but I'm sure both you and she know it was the best decision for both of you, Massive hugs to you.
    I love all your wonderful crochet goodies and the decorating it all looks amazing!
    Hugs Rebekah xx

  9. I love what you've done, the cabinet looks awesome, just love that aqua and green.
    I know that its hard seeing your mum like that but you really did do the best thing for both of you. Take care of yourself sweetie
    hugs Julie P

  10. Sorry to read about your Mum and the feelings your experiencing at the moment - hugs.

    Your dresser is absolutely gorgeous... you are very talented.... love the crochet flowers, makes me want to learn how to crochet, think I will pop over to U-tube and look for a tutorial.. thanks for the inspiration. Love Diane xx

  11. Oh my word, your makes are just beautiful. You are a very talented lady. Will add you to my favourites.