Friday, 28 October 2011

Out of Sorts...

....I heard some dreadful news today and I cant stop thinking about it...we have a park near us where I walk Ollie and to get it we have to walk through a small wooded part..Ollie loves it with all different sniffs for him...but I always keep him on the he is only small and there some big dogs around...I have always said that I would never trust a dog no matter how well trained they are...and I know you may think I'm silly but if a big dog comes near us or I see one on the same path I always pick Ollie up because you just never know...Ollie is very friendly but he gets very excited so I wouldn't want to risk a big dog getting too close...I have always said that people with big dogs shouldn't have them off the lead as people like me who have little dogs really don't know how well trained they are and the owners should be that responable..especially after all the horror stories you hear...Well on Tuesday we had our own horror story in our elderly lady who lives a few house up from us was walking her sweet little poodle Sam...we see her walk past with him everyday and if we were in the garden we always have a little chat and a cuddle with Sam...on Tuesday she was on her way back through the wooded part of the park when poor Sam was savaged by a large dog...she obviously tried to fight the dog off..and was badly bitten and fell to the ground trying to save Sam. The large dog was with a woman who just walked off leaving the elderly lady on the ground bleeding and poor Sam in a dreadful state...there are houses close by and luckily someone came to her aid...This has made the front page of our local paper this week...the police are making enquires about the owner of the large dog...the elderly lady is ok... very shocked of course and Sam had emergency surgery but despite best efforts he died on Wednesday. I am just so upset about this I cant help thinking about that poor lady on the ground trying to save her dog...and how the owner could just walk away and leave her...there are some despicable people out there..I hope the police find who it was. I wont be walking Ollie through there again.
Sorry to go on so...I'm just so upset.


  1. OMG....what a dreadful story!!!! I am the owner of a big dog, but he is always on a leash when I walk him. He is very friendly, but other people don't know that and that is something every dog owner needs to understand!
    It's unfortunate that there are some irresponsible dog owners out there! I hope they catch that miscreant!

  2. Oh dear Jan, that's dreadful! I'm glad that the lady is OK but I'm very sorry to hear about her little dog, I hope that the police find that large dog and it's irresponsible owner. It's just so sad that some people are so uncaring. I'm glad that you won't be walking in that area. Keep safe
    Hugs Julie P

  3. This is a terrible story and I am so glad to hear the lady will recover albeit without her beloved little pet.

    I was bitten by a small dog at the end of August and still have some pain because the tendon that runs down the leg by the ankle was punctured. Sadly the owners of the dog that bit me were as cavalier about the incident as that dog owner was. They did not follow the confinement order put in place by the health department (the law where I live here in Canada) and were excited to point out that there dog was friendly.

    Subsequently I discovered the dog had tried to bite 3 other neighbours at various times so I don't know how they could call the dog friendly. I didn't push to have the dog put down but warned the owner that if I found out it tried to bite anyone else, I would not hesitate to call the authorities.

    My biggest fear is for the little kids (including my grandchildren, who are down at his level.

    Thinking about you and Sam's owner.


  4. Big or small all pet owners need to be responsible for their pets. This owner should be charged and also be responsible for all costs this poor lady incurred. We have a yellow lab and have had a silky and both have brought us countless joy, but we also know we had to be responsible for them. Who could leave someone lying there hurt and her poor dog hur and walk away. I hope she is found and her picture is plasterd on front page news!

  5. How awful for the poor lady and RIP her little poodle. I know exactly where you're coming from - I'm the owner of a small dog myself and am always wary when bigger dogs come near. It always surprises me too, the way people are so nonchalant even when they can see that you're anxious. I've had instances before and the owners make no effort whatsoever to speed up and just come strolling along whereas I'll race over even if my dog is just being a pest - because you don't know whether people are afraid of dogs or such like. Something similar to this happened in my area a while ago - a lady was walking her terrier on Blackheath and he was attacked by a large dog and it's owner just left the scene. The terrier subsequently died but after it was publicised in all the local papers, the attacker did come forward. It's just so sad that these poor dogs have to pay the price!!! Sending hugs, Marie xx

  6. Oh Jan, This made me cry.
    That poor little dog and what an awful experiance for its owner.
    I am also aware of other dogs both off lead and on, and never let mine off. I have a medium size Labradoodle and a toy poodle. I never walk them together by myself in case one is atacked and like you I always pick up Harry when I see a dog aproaching..
    It should be illegal to let a dog off lead in a public place.
    Sadly, society seems to be getting worse and people think only about themselves.
    Sending hugs
    Chris x

  7. Hi Jan, Such a sad story ... this poor lady must be devastated to have lost her little dog in such a tragic way. I personally think all dogs should be kept on leads in public places. I have a medium sized border collie and he is always on the lead when we go out for a walk. Not that I think he would hurt anyone but you can never be too careful with any dog.

    Lisa x

  8. OMG, I am only just discovering this sort thing. That poor old lady and the poodle, when there was absolutely no need. I have a Bichon puppy and had a couple of ocassions which frightened me let alone my little Ollie. Two dogs off leads ran at him at speed and he was in the middle, I panicked and yanked the lead up until I was able to grab hold of him. Not the right thing to do but I panicked and not being used to dogs. I now cross away from the bigger dogs as like you say I'm not sure how they react to small dogs and in particular puppies. Ollie is as his breed and just wants to kiss all dogs and have his belly tickled by the owners, he's such a friendly little thing that he just isn't aware of how some dogs perceive him.

    I do hope the old lady recovers well but such a shame she has lost her best friend.

    Hugs Tracy x

  9. Doesnt this person who had the big dog have a consious. Here you have to have your dog on a lead unless they are in the enclosed dog park. It is a shame you cant even walk with your own dog. This elderly woman is really going to be at a loss without Sam. I know the feeling


  10. Jan my heart is breaking for your neighbour! What an awful thing to happen. I was stupidly very trusting with my lovely little Poppy and had her off the lead in one of our parks when suddenly two springers twice her size leapt on her and started attacking her. She was bravely trying to run away but one pinned her down and the other bit her in the back, several times. I struggled to catch up as I have breathing problems but finally drew close and whacked the heck out of the dog doing the biting with my ball launcher, and it let go long enough for me to pull her up to safety. Luckily, she was wearing her puppy harness and each time this dog bit it must have bitten down on the metal parts of the harness!! I thank my lucky stars for that.

    The owner said and I quote 'Oh lord I thought I was going to have another vet's bill!' and her son said 'I guess they will be grounded again then Mum?'. I was steaming mad and let her have it. Clearly her hideous dogs had done this before and yet still she had them off the lead free to attack. As a consequence now whenever Poppy sees a bigger dog, or even a dog smaller than her actually runs towards her she drops like a stone and tries to slink away on her belly.

    I sincerely hope that this despicable person is caught and dealt with severely, and her animal put down.

    Lin xx