Friday, 3 December 2010

Mummy's Little Helper I said in my previous post..I am really fed up with this snow stuff...

I cant get out

and most of all I cant take Ollie for a walk...he is a bit on the small side and as the snow is so deep he cant really manage it..he's had a run the garden..its his first taste of snow being only 10mths old...he loved it but he disappeared in the deep bits all we could see was his tail!!!...he also had a Cut & Blow Dry and Manicure on Tuesday...his fur grows so quickly and I asked the very nice lady with the clippers to cut him a little shorter this time...ok not good timing as its so cold but he needed it...well she took me to my word and now he looks like a little will I cant get out to buy him a coat I'm going to knit him a today we are both suffering from a bit of cabin fever and he was being so naughty in the end he came and sat on the window sill next to my desk....

Now looking at him you wouldn't think that he had just finished tearing up todays paper into tiny strips...or chewed the rubber bit off a pencil..or chased poor LilyPuss up the stairs..or had been down my handbag for my tissues and found my lipstick which he manged to get the top off and spread liberally over the rug in the lounge, now would you...????
I just love him to
take care


  1. Aw! What a cutie....You can't stay angry long at a cutie like that! ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. awww Ollie is such a cutie!

    My gosh thats lots of snow, but still beautiful looking!

    Stay Warm!!

  3. Hiya ooohh your little Ollie is soooo cute ! it made me smile when you said he diappeared in the snow! just gorgeous you have the snow really bad its nowhere that bad here!
    Hugs Di xxx

  4. Awww Jan he really melts your heart doesn't he - what a cute little boy you've got. I couldn't get mad with him either no matter what mischief he gets up to. He'll look so cute in a jumper!

    Love Lynda xxx

  5. Hello
    you do make such awesome cards and this is so beautiful.
    Wish you a great week.

  6. WOW Jan that is a LOT of snow!!
    I would love to be there for a few minutes, I have NEVER seen or touched snow in my life! It's BEAUTIFUL
    Stay warm
    Hope Ollie gets to go and play outside sometime soon!
    Have a Blessed weekend
    P.S. You christmas easel card is so beautiful!

  7. Lovely photos Jan :) Your card is gorgeous too.

    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy, Healthy New Year!