Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just to Share....

Hi all..hope you're not too snowed in!!!...sorry I havent been about for a few days..I didnt have a good start to the New Year..My Mum was taken ill on New Years fact I had to call an ambulance for her!!! it was a worry..she's had a bad cold since Boxing day..and just didnt get better as the week went on and on friday she just collapsed on the way to the bathroom!!!..anyway the paramedics were fab and whisked her off to hospital..she's got a bad chest infection...she's is 84 bless her and has angina we have been quite worried..but I'm happy to say that after some excellent care she came home I'm playing nursey..not sure I'm cut out for the role while she was napping I managed to put this together...I got the image from eBay..its Magnolia...when I saw it I thought it would make a lovely card for Mothers Day... yes I know I'm a bit fact in hindsight I should have made it a get well card shouldnt I????...Just wasnt thinking....Oh well too late now....I'll make one tomorrow.......
bye for now and keep warm!!!..

P.S. I think I over did the silk flowers.....But Mums like those dont


  1. Gorgeous,love your embellishments and beautiful image!!! I hope your mum gets betterv soon!!
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Jan, you Mom will love it! A lovely card. Hope she gets better soon. hugs Sharon

  3. Lovely image indeed! Sorry to hear about your Mom, I hope she is feeling better. Hope you are Having Fun & Taking Care.

    (Oh and you have a new blog theme am I right??? Looks awesome!)

  4. oh wow.. this looks so elegant.. i think the flowers are perfect.. bec xx